ABOUT US: An Ever-Growing Story

                              Students’ Overall Rating of      

          Chestnutt Association Inc. Career/College Day Events

   • % of Student Respondents Who Rated Event

    “Excellent” or "Good"                                                             95%
   • % of Students Who Responded "Yes" Career/                    92%

     College Day Event Was Informative


Offering Unprecedented Access to Career Information

Chestnutt Association recognizes the all-important need for students to explore careers and, subsequently, do the necessary work to prepare for their careers.  We offer unprecedented student access to career information and guidance by leveraging the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the organizations that partner with us.  Students obtain a wealth of information from organizations that work with Chestnutt Association. 

Chestnutt Association, Inc., is an ever-growing story and takes great pride in serving schools and schools districts by providing unmatched services to insure successful career-day, college-day, and STEM events.

                                     Mission Statement

The mission of Chestnutt Association, Inc., is to support educational institutions by helping them meet their goals regarding the U.S. Department of Education’s Career and Technical Education/16 Career Cluster Initiatives. Chestnutt Association, Inc., helps educational institutions provide career awareness, career exploration, and career preparation to students, from elementary to post-secondary education.