Career Awarness

            Career Eploration

            Career Preparation

Chestnutt Association handles all aspects of organizing and conducting successful career-day, college-day, and STEM events.  Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.      Recruiting all classroom career speakers/presenters

2.      Recruiting all university/college exhibitors

3.      Working with schools on logistics

4.      Developing speakers' classroom rotation schedule

5.      Developing electronic promotional brochure re: event (optional service)

6.      Conducting student post evaluation; issue evaluation analysis report to school/district (optional service).

7.      Conducting presenter/exhibitor post evaluation; issue results to school/district (optional service).

Chestnutt Association recognizes the all-important need for students to explore careers and, subsequently, do the necessary work to prepare for their careers.  We offer unprecedented student access to career information and guidance by leveraging the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the organizations that support us.  Students obtain a wealth of information from the partners that work with Chestnutt Association

Chestnutt Association is dedicated to preparing students for today's job market and emerging job markets. 



Chestnutt Association our goals are:

1) to increase and enrich students’ knowledge of the extensive and diverse range of careers that are available

2) to help students make informed education and career decisions and

3) to help students achieve success in their future careers.